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Adhesive tapes designed for industrial purposes are highly efficient tapes specifically engineered for structural bonding. They offer superior quality and performance compared to standard double-sided tapes available in the market. These specialty tapes find applications across various industries such as automotive, construction, and electronics. They are known for their exceptional load-bearing capacity and excellent adhesion strength.



Acrylic foam tape is extensively utilized in the automotive industry for attaching exterior trim, logos, and various signs. Known for its strong adhesion and durability, this tape can withstand contact with various components, as well as changes in temperature, humidity, and UV exposure.


Acrylic foam tape is commonly employed in the construction industry for attaching panels, signs, and other fixtures. Its ability to adhere to uneven surfaces and fill gaps makes acrylic foam tape particularly suitable for industrial applications in construction.


Suitable for installation and adhering to
various components such as displays and
touchscreens, the tape maintains strong
adhesion even in the face of fluctuations in
temperature and humidity levels.


Acrylic Foam Tape

Property :            

● Resilient to all environmental conditions
● Highly flexible
● Strong adhesive properties

Application :

● Attaching automotive components
● Electronic parts
● Furniture

Protective Tape

Property :            

● Protects surfaces from scratches
● High flexibility
● Snug adherence to surface
● Rapid adhesion to various surfaces,
● Wide temperature range of application
● Leaving no adhesive residue after removal.

Application :

● Adheres to touch panel glass, ITO glass/film, optical PMMA, PC/PET panels LCD screens
● Provides protection for ABS/PC plastic components
● Guards against cutting and puncturing

Or Green Tape

Property :                

● Resistant to high temperatures
● Strong adhesion to surfaces
● Flexible and conformable

Application : 

  • Powder coating
  • High temperature costing
  • Electro Deposition Painting

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