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Plastic Extrusion and Injection parts

We offer manufacturing services for industrial plastic products with a minimum order quantity of 5,000 pieces. Our production capabilities include plastic extrusion and plastic injection molding processes.

Vinyltech Industries Limited specializes in plastic molding using both Extrusion and Injection processes. With particular expertise in engineering component manufacturing, we cater to a wide range of industries including automotive, construction, electrical appliances, and more.

One-Stop Service Plastic Molding Solutions

Designing plastic pellet properties

We specialize in researching, developing, and designing plastic pellet formulas tailored to meet specific usage requirements.

PVC Pellet Production

We utilize state-of-the-art machinery to manufacture PVC pellets, ensuring quality control through rigorous testing with high-quality equipment.

Designing and manufacturing molds

We offer consultation services and specialize in designing components and molds tailored to meet customer requirements and suit their specific applications.


We produce
components using both Extrusion
and Injection processes.

Plastic Extrusion parts


Extrusion is a continuous manufacturing process where plastic products are formed from raw materials in the form of powder or pellets, fed into an extruder machine. The plastic is melted and liquefied through heat, shear force, and pressure. The molten plastic is then extruded through a die to obtain the desired shape of the product. This method is well-suited for producing components used in a variety of industries,
including refrigerator gaskets, air conditioner fan blades, washing machine drain tubes, IV tubes, cable insulation, sheaths, as well as automotive parts like inner-outer belts and roof moldings.

Plastic Injection parts


Plastic injection molding is a manufacturing process that begins by injecting plastic pellets into an injection molding machine. These pellets are heated until they soften and melt into a liquid form. The machine then injects the molten plastic into the mold. The mold is responsible for shaping the plastic into various forms. Once the plastic has taken the shape of the mold, the injection molding machine releases the finished plastic product. This process enables the production of plastic components according to the desired mold design.

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