Manufacture and supply PVC Compounds for Medical Application

Medical PVC Compound VIC is dedicated to support the medical device industry by investing in research and development in the area of medical grade compound
formulation and technology. Our entire medical grade PVC
compounds are subjected to continual evaluation to meet evolving requirements and to ensure maximum patient safety. Currently, our compounds are being used to manufacture infusion hoses, transfusion sets, drop chambers, catheter and solution bags. Medical-grade products derived from our compounds are suitable for sterilization under ETO gas, Autoclave, Gamma rays and beta rays. VIC medical-grade compounds are produce according to European Pharmacopoeia guidelines and Biocompatibility: USP 41, ASTM F756-93

PVC Compounds grades for Medical Application

PVC Compound for Drip Chamber (VM 4920 NTO)

VM 4920 NTO grade product is suitable for manufacturing drip chambers used in hemodialysis filtration.

PVC Compound for Drip Chamber (VM 4640 CGI)

The VM 4640 CGI grade product features high flexibility, excellent compression resistance, and clarity, making it suitable for manufacturing pump tubes used in hemodialysis filtration.

PVC Compound for medical tubes and pipes VM 4696 CGI

The VM 4696 CGI grade product features
clarity and flexibility, preventing tissue
damage, making it suitable for
manufacturing various medical tubes
including as follows;

  • Feeding Tubes
  • Stomach Tubes
  • Suction tubes
  • Urine Tubes

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