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Shrink Film Label

Shrink label printing

Designing and manufacturing Shrink film labels

Vinyltec offers shrink film labels, which are designed to shrink when exposed to heat. These labels are made into sleeves that are loosely placed over the product. Heat, typically applied using a heat gun or heat tunnel, causes the film to shrink and tightly wrap around the product.

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Shrink film label

Features of Shrink film labels.

Shrink film labels can be applied to a variety of materials, including metal, glass, and plastic, making them a versatile option for packaging various products.

Advantages of Shrink Film Labels.

● Tamper-evident
● Product differentiation
● Clear product information
● Versatility

Shrink film labels with Vinyltec Packaging

Provide consultation throughout the service

 Design labels and film shapes

Beautiful and accurate colors with standard lab

High-quality film material

Standardized product storage in temperature-controlled rooms

Fast production


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