TPO | Thermoplastic Olefin Based


TPO | Thermoplastic Olefin Based

TPO is a thermoplastic elastomer obtained by blending Polyolefin types such as PE or PP with various uncured rubber, such as natural rubber, EPDM rubber or SBR rubber.


TPO typically consists of one of the layers: calcium carbonate, carbon fiber, or talc. The result is a thermoplastic with high durability, resistant to scratching, UV radiation, and impact. TPO possesses the desired properties suitable for outdoor

● Recyclable
● Excellent weather resistance
● Can be polished and painted


TPO is cost-effective and exhibits moderate to good mechanical properties. It can be easily molded and is well-suited for outdoor applications, especially when anti-deterioration compounds are incorporated into the material.
Consequently, it is often preferred over rubber parts in the
production of automotive components such as mud guards, interior trims, and bumper fascia, particularly for door and window seals like glass-run channels, belt lines, and glass encapsulation.

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