TPV | Thermoplastic Vulcanizate

TPV | Thermoplastic Vulcanizate

TPV is a thermoplastic elastomer produced by blending olefin thermoplastics like PP with uncured rubber such as EPDM. In the mixing process, chemicals are introduced to induce crosslinking of the rubber dispersed in the plastic. Once the
rubber is cured, this material exhibits superior mechanical properties, heat resistance, and chemical resistance compared to conventional thermoplastic olefin materials.


TPV is a thermoplastic formed by blending EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) rubber with polyolefin plastic. This combination grants TPV excellent temperature and weather resistance.

Some of its key advantages include:

● It has a softness like rubber.
● It has good resilience properties.
● It has better resistance to weather and high temperatures compared to rubber.
● It can be recycled.
● It can be molding techniques like thermoplastics.


TPV It is widely utilized in the wire and cable industry, as well as in various rubber products for machinery. Additionally, TPV is commonly employed in automotive parts such as boots/bellows, air ducts under the hood, and automotive seals for exterior use, including roof moldings, inner and outer belts, weather seals, and glass-run channels.

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