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Vinyltec Industry Co., Ltd

Vinyltec Industry Co., Ltd, a leader in the plastic industry, has been operating as a comprehensive solution provider for over 21 years. We continue to be at the forefront of producing high-quality products within this industry. Our factory is internationally certified with ISO 9001:2015, which reaffirms
our commitment to manufacturing and delivering top-notch products.

We excel in manufacturing and distributing a wide range of plastic compound products, and we specialize in importing and exporting plastic components internationally. By doing so, we ensure that our customers receive products that meet various business needs. We are dedicated to utilizing modern Extrusion and Injection technologies for plastic manufacturing.

Our dedication extends beyond manufacturing and distributing high-quality products; we also provide professional services in label design and packaging printing to meet the diverse needs of our partners and customers

Vision & Mission

Pioneering Sustainable Solutions in Plastics, Your Complete Partner for Innovative and Eco-Friendly Plastic Products

Our Team

We have a team of experts to provide consultation and produce customized products according tocustomers’ exact requirements.

R&D Team

Technical team

Extrusion & Injection Team

Vinlytec Packaging

Quality check

Vinyltec Industry Co., Ltd has methods to verify the standards of products produced in each grade, and can issue Certificates of Analysis to certify the test results and quality control to customers. The company has fully-equipped tools for inspection, including :

● Melt flow index tester (MFI)
● Spectrophotometer
● 1000x microscope
● Tensile Properties
● Rockwell hardness test
● Fourier transform infrared (FTIR)
● Gloss (GU)
● Accelerated weathering
● Volume resistivity
● Surface resistivity

There are also external agencies. that provides support for other advanced analysis results.

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