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Heat transfer film

Heat Transfer Films

Designing and manufacturing Heat transfer film

We specialize in designing, manufacturing, and distributing Heat Transfer films and offering Heat Transfer Printing services. Heat Transfer Printing entails transferring printed images, utilizing a CMYK printing system, onto the surface of plastic through a process of heat and pressure applied onto the label film adhered to the material’s surface. The blank film is then removed, resulting in high-quality graphic pieces that are durable, precise, and resistant to fading.



Heat transfer films can transfer desired images onto materials of various shapes, including cylinders, squares, or cones. This capability extends to items such as paint buckets, plastic cans, plastic cups, milk bottles, and more.

Advantages of Heat transfer film

● Utilizing heat transfer film instead of silk screen printing can lead to cost savings in the production process.
● The printed image surface is resistant to scratching.
● The printing process can be applied to materials such as PP, PS, ABS, and more.


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